Our Customers are Better Informed

Maxfly's Aircraft Consultants are all qualified pilots with hands-on experience in the aircraft we sell. This knowledge of the aircraft, plus total familiarization of all aspects of aircraft sales, purchases, and leases is an asset to clients looking for knowledgeable, capable, and professional assistance in their aircraft transactions.


Still The Most Advanced Aircraft Tracking System Ever Created ... and the only dedicated in-house system in the industry!
Through the Maxfly Aircraft Tracking System, MATSŪ, we are able to quickly search the worldwide market in infinite detail, weighing countless factors to find the best value aircraft. The MATSystem is the best way to quickly and efficiently find the airplane you want!

And because we are constantly researching the market, there is a good chance that we will already own the best available aircraft. But, if we don't, we'll still know where they are and the best price on each. This combination of the MATSystem and our team of Aircraft Consultants means Maxfly Aviation is more precise and better informed about the world market. Therefore, Maxfly's customers, whether buying or selling, are better-informed.

That's why close to one-half of our sales have been to previous Maxfly Aviation customers - the best repeat customer percentage in the business!

Lease/Finance Services

Maxfly Aviation's Financial Services Department works with you putting together the financial package that best fits your needs. We can offer a wide variety of options, including short and long term lease, lease/purchase, or purchase financing for both domestic and international transactions.

We will taylor the arrangements to your situation based on the most cost effective and flexible options suitable for you.

Import/Export Services

A great many of our aircraft sales and purchases have been "off-shore" - in countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Central and South America. We have the knowledge and experience to provide inspection and evaluation of the aircraft, and to handle all aspects of import-export, in virtually any country in the world.