The AutoPILOT | Florida August / September 2007

If you live in Florida, Alabama or Georgia and are in search of a Cessna Caravan, it is time you speak to the professional staff at Maxfly Aviation, Inc. Maxfly Aviation, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been an authorized sales representative for the versatile Caravan for the last 15 years. In addition to the Cessna Caravan, the company also specializes in the purchasing, selling and leasing of other turbo-prop and jet aircraft in both executive/ corporate and commuter capacities. Its efficient MATSystem database tracks aircraft from the King Air level to G-4 level worldwide for domestic and international customers. The company’s persistent dedication to service, professionalism and integrity has built Maxfly Aviation a solid reputation in the aviation community since its founding in 1984.

Prior to 9/11 Maxfly Aviation leased several corporate turbo prop jets. Since that time its primary business is the buying and selling of aircraft. Thirty to 40 percent of those transactions are Cessna Caravans, very large utility single engine turbo props that carry nine passengers within 500 miles or less. In just a half an hour, a Caravan can morph into a luxurious passenger plane and/or a workhorse aircraft, hauling as much as 3,300 pounds of freight!


Current President and CEO Lewandowski knows from experience the flying ease of Cessna’s Caravan since he has personally flown 8,000 hours in the plane. “It flies like a big Cessna 172,” says Lewandowski. An experienced airborne freight hauler, he flew auto parts from St. Louis to Detroit on icy winter nights as a college student in Beech 18s. Why does he choose to fly Caravans now? “There’s really nothing that competes with it. It’s very reliable.”

In addition to its luxurious interior, Lewandowski says the Caravan Grand-Oasis is a bestseller because it appeals to his typical customers who are commuters and very wealthy individuals—even several movie stars whose names he would “rather not mention.” He does mention that Maxfly Aviation’s customer base lives “all over the world. It is in Europe, South America and the United States, and it’s with individuals, corporations and governments. We’re leasing to the U.S. government and we sell to governments in South America—mainly in Argentina and Brazil.”

How do his customers discover their planes? Lewandowski explains, “The customer comes to us with a mission requirement. For example, a customer might say, ‘We need to carry four people this amount of distance, land on these types of runways and service these types of cities.’ We’ll then find an aircraft that best fits their needs.”

Finding the perfect aircraft for their varied customer base is completed through use of the Internet, word-of-mouth, and the Maxfly Aircraft Tracking System, MATS©, their world-wide network. Maxfly Aviation never buys an aircraft sight unseen. “We see what it looks like and put it through a prepurchase inspection.” Lewandowski adds, “We know people throughout the world and they know what we’re looking for.”

Maxfly Aviation’s loyal customers appreciate how the company does business and at least 50 percent of them are repeat customers. Serving aviators through the MATSystem, the tracking system places Maxfly Aviation, Inc. ahead of the pack and continues to help build a successful business. Lewandowski says, “It made us a leader in the business of buying and selling aircraft.” In Maxfly’s future he looks forward to continuing to purchase and sell to his Georgia, Alabama and Florida customers by treating them honestly and “delivering what we say we will.”